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Win is a licensed Esthetician with over ten years experience in the field of beauty care.  Her goal is to provide you with the best possible skin care available in today’s sophisticated world of beauty and healthcare advancements.

She offers the safest and most effective skin care treatment, only using the most current proven technology and products available, to make you feel and look your optimum best.  As the sole proprietor, she offers specialized, individual care that is the same as having your own personal skin care expert at your fingertips.

Her philosophy begins with the idea that everyone has their own unique beauty, so she customizes people’s treatment to fit their individual skin care needs.  She will also work with you to help develop a home maintenance plan so you can sustain the benefits of treatment over time.

Her prices are much more reasonable than the bigger salons, making it much more affordable for you to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

As a native of Thailand she brings to her work an innate sense of care and compassion that is known throughout the world as the signature of the Thai people.  Win’s expertise and sensitive nature combine to create a matchless experience.  Nowhere will you find such a perfect blend of care and service!  She welcomes you to try her skin care treatments with the assurance that you will find the experience not only remarkably refreshing, but also that you will be truly amazed at the immediate improvement you see in your complexion, and feel in your overall sense of well-being.

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