cipro 95




Photo Rejuvenation 70 min $150

For sun damaged skin, acne, rosacea, enlarged pores, brown spots and broken blood vessels.  The skin has a smoother texture and a more even skin tone.

There is no down time.  You’ll be able to go back to your normal routine immediately.  No anesthetic required, since there is no pain involved in the procedure.

Vitamin C treatment 70 min $95

Bright skin within a few minutes. An invitation takes you by surprise. You need to look your best on a moment’s notice. The peel off orange effect mask can help! Within just a short time your complexion can be completely revitalized giving you a fresh and carefree look that adds a special accent to your personality.

Anti-wrinkle concentrate treatment 70 min $120

Our treatment ampoule-concentrate contains a blend of active ingredients which are stimulated into the skin by a Micro-Computer Supersonic Beauty Instrument to improve moisture retention and firmer skin texture. It is ideal not only for decreasing existing wrinkles and lines, but also helps to prevent the formation of new ones.

Microdermabrasion 70 min $130

Erase acne scars and age spots. This procedure only removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells to reveal the fresher, younger cells beneath. Microdermabrasion treatments are not aggressive, they are slow and progressive and best of all, they work!